Akkadius 2

Akkadius Armoured and Ready for Battle

Akkadius is a fighter and a member of the Legion of the North. He is Nashkan by birth and was formerly the bodyguard of King Sargon II of Anvar.

History and PersonalityEdit

Akkadius was born into a wealthy family in Nashka, but left while fairly young because he hated the slavery of the Seven Empires. He travelled north as a mercenary, earning a name as a bandit-hunter and soldier of fortune, noted for his lawful disposition and preference for hunting criminals. After he completed a prestigious contract to keep Prince Sargon safe from an attack by potential kidnappers, he was appointed the young Prince's personal bodyguard by Corvan IV. In manner, Akkadius is serious, naive and often weary, as he is over forty years of age.

In the CampaignEdit

Akkadius was first seen upon Sargon's ascension to the throne, guarding the young king from threats.

He was later seen during the riots in the city of Narrowhaven, Orkay, where he attempted to keep Sargon safe from harm, alongside the party. He sustained a grizzly wound but fortunately he recovered.

Later, having joined the Legion of the North, Akkadius' combat skills improved markedly. After Sargon died in battle, with Akkadius battling a number of enemies around, the warrior fell into a deep sadness. Since then, he was chosen as one of the group to delve into Mah'lok's Portal dungeon, alongside Hanu, Iskander, Viserys, Tarnish, Hanley, and a random kobold. He was present for Mah'lok's execution, and fought bravely against the cambion and the demon knights.