Anistaer of Ravain

Anistaer of Vaelthorn

Anistaer is an elven adventurer from Ravain, noted for his skill in battle and good looks. He uses an elven greatsword and platemail armour.

History and PersonalityEdit

Anistaer was born in the town of Vaelthorn, Ravain, the son of an ancient and noble house. From a young age he proved his worth as a hunter and warrior. However, he was exiled from Ravain for desecrating an ancient tomb, and in his shame he travelled north, taking ship from Bruanon to the Grey Marches, where he grudgingly looked for work as a mercenary. In the city of Highmoon, he began working for the halfling Tibus alongside Krogan and Eredain, albeit with a degree of scepticism.

In the CampaignEdit

Anistaer became involved in the botched duel between Krogan and Daevis when Tibus attempted to assassinate Daevis and Sabjorn attacked Tibus. He was knocked unconscious in the ensuing conflict, despite inflicting a severe wound to Sabjorn, and was carried out the back of the tavern to recover.