Lady Asira

Lady Asira in the Gardens

Lady Asira Hawke is an Anvarian noble living in an estate within the city.

History and PersonalityEdit

The party knows nothing of Lady Asira save that she was involved in Corvan's attempted coup, albeit distantly, and that she is politically minded. She is very beautiful, and was Sargon II's choice of bride, though Viserys counselled against this.

In the CampaignEdit

When Viserys broke into Corvan's chambers following the ex-king's attempted coup, he found Lady Asira waiting in the bed, to which she called for help. Thinking quickly, the elf wizard summoned a horse on top of the guards and tried to escape, but he eventually succumbed to the drug he was injected with and collapsed.

Later, Viserys counselled against Sargon II marrying her, seeing her as untrustworthy.