Astaveir the Lich Ready to Fight

Astaveir is an evil lich who formerly occupied Taeving's Tower in the city of Arcanator, Orkay.

History and PersonalityEdit

It was suggested by Shavram of Orkay that Astaveir may have formerly occupied a position of political prestige or power during the days of the Old Empire, which would make him over a thousand years old. The rogue believes him to have been a counseller to the emperor himself when the Horde arose in Scarfell. Astaveir fled to Arcanator where he lived in a large house until the civil war arose in the city, when he finally took action. Astaveir killed the wizard Taeving using dark powers and stole his tower for himself. The tower was sealed with magic, and for seven hundred years he went undisturbed while monsters roamed the streets around him. This came to an end when attacks on his towers began, the work of the Armoured Titan. Astaveir is extremely selfish, intelligent and pragmatic.

Skills and PowersEdit

Astaveir is an immensely powerful lich who uses a wide variety of magic to decimate his enemies. In a fight, he will not attempt to engage enemies directly, but instead have his guardians or servants tackle them while he casts spells or makes his escape. His favoured spells are generally those which inflict heavy damage or kill his enemies outright. If cornered, Astaveir would usually attempt to teleport away or turn invisible and flee from his attackers. Astaveir was very knowledgeable and perceptive as well as lightning fast.

In the CampaignEdit

Backbiter and Shavram approached Hanu, Iskander and Viserys in the Legion's camp in Scarfell and informed them of the turf war between the Armoured Titan and Astaveir. The party first infiltrated Taeving's Tower from the cisterns below the city and battled Astaveir, but they were defeated. Astaveir kept the goblin Backbiter as a hostage and instructed the remaining four to kill his enemy, the Armoured Titan.

The party were forced to break into the Tower of Madico, and although they defeated the Titan, they ultimately spared his life. Astaveir may have been about to renege on his bargain and kill the party anyway, but in the end it did not matter. Shavram, Iskander, Hanu and Viserys attacked the lich suddenly as they returned. Although the fight proved extremely difficult, they were ultimately victorious. Astaveir was killed and his tower was plundered.


The location of Astaveir's phylactery is unknown, but presumably he has arisen once more. Whether or not he seeks some manner of vengeance has yet to be seen.