Captain Azeidan

Captain Azeidan of Passage

Azeidan was the Captain of the Guard in the island kingdom of Passage. He was recently killed in a confrontation with the party.

History and PersonalityEdit

Azeidan started out as a barbarous pirate in employ of The Butcher, a notorious captain who frequents the city of Southmark. At some stage during this life, he refused to slaughter a ship full of innocent merchants, and as a result he was thrown overboard the Butcher's ship in Green Shark Reef. As was expected, he was soon attacked by a dire shark. What was unexpected was that with his boot knife, Azeidan managed to kill the shark underwater, although the battle nearly killed him. He and the corpse of the shark were washed ashore on a beach near Passage. Using the tooth of the shark, he fashioned his greatsword, Fang, and using its skin he crafted his enchanted overcoat. Upon telling his story to Queen Elyena, she pardoned him on the condition he serve the throne of Passage as a royal guard. He accepted gratefully, and served loyally until he eventually rose to the rank of captain of the guard. Azeidan was dutiful, brave and utterly loyal to his queen, though he was reputed to occasionally lose control of his emotions in pitched battle. He was good friends with the general of Passage's armies, Vahadharas.

Skills and PowersEdit

Azeidan's style of fighting was extremely unorthodox for a guard captain, more suited to a northern barbarian or berserker. Using his sword, Fang, Azeidan was capable of inflicting severe amounts of damage with a single strike, his attacks ferocious and lightning fast. He was extremely durable, and seemed not to notice his own injuries in battle, instead focusing entirely on bringing his opponents down one at a time. He was completely fearless, always attempting to tackle whichever threat he considered greatest with no thought to his own safety.

In the CampaignEdit

The party heard about Azeidan shortly after arriving in Passage, but did not see him.

While Iskander, Hanu and Viserys were infiltrating Davodred's vaults below the city, Ciad apparently informed Azeidan of the break-in and made for the jungles where the caverns broke out. He accosted the party in these jungles, and attempted to arrest them, though they responded violently. Viserys killed many of the guards along with Hanu, while Iskander engaged Azeidan directly. It seemed Azeidan was about to kill the dwarf when Paedran leapt onto the captain from above and beat him down with his morningstar. Seconds later, Tarnish, Jack Morgan and Garvix also appeared, finishing off the remaining guards. Iskander executed the wounded Azeidan and made sure there were no survivors among the guards before they fled the island.