Azuk is a half-orc ranger from Eriabourne and a member of the Bloodsworn. He is known for his great strength and fighting prowess.

History Edit

Azuk's father Amanarag Hellbringer was an Orc chieftain from northern Thane. Following one of the orcish raids in eastern Ravain Amanarag repeatedly raped the female elven captives. One of them was Azuk's mother. Azuk was born never knowing his mother as she died during his birth. His father never had much love for him; he often beat him, and once drunkenly shouted that " The only reason for you life is your blood. Your whore of a mother cursed me. If it wasn't for my infertility you would be long dead. But I cant have the blood of my father and his father disappear from this world can I?" Azuk's childhood among the orcs was tough, as his differences from his kin were pronounced.  He was often mocked and attacked by other orcs in his tribe, which only reinforced Azuk's tough exterior. His life with the orcs did not last long, however. The rival orc tribe, the Flesh Reapers, struck suddenly at Amanarag's tribe. The Reaper leader, Mogdar the Merciless, challenged and beheaded Amanarag with his curved berserker blades. Modgar took control of the tribe, butchering those who refused to follow him. Azuk fought his way past Mogdar's orcs and fled north, travelling far and wide to escape the Flesh Reapers. For years he traveled by himself, having the wilderness as his only companion, learning all he knows about survival from the rangers and druids he met in his travels.

Personality Edit

Azuk doesn't like talking about his past and has never told anyone of what he had seen. He believes in gods but doesn't worship them, as he thinks that gods only bring trouble in this world. He gets along with all of the party members, especially Keldin, who's righteousness and faith in his god make Azuk wonder whether he should give Moradin a chance.

Skills and Powers Edit

Azuk is extremely capable with an orcish double axe, using it to decimate his enemies with brutal timed attacks. He is also proficient with a longbow, and knows how to track his quarry across any landscape. In his travels he learned much about geography. He is able to frighten lesser creatures easily, and reserves a particular hatred for undead.

In the Campaign Edit

Azuk joined up with Keldin, Elijah and Osfryd in the town of Watermeet, accepting a number of contracts from the tavern, Jathred's Haven. These included the return of a letter to Lord Fenry, the rescue of Peter Andon from the Rubble City Ruins and the hunting down of the Monster of Winterhome. He has gone on to attend Laisha's party at Rosewood Hall, and has made allies of Renagen the ranger, Jazid the mind flayer and Vardis Vaden the pirate. His enemies include the dwarves of Winterhome (notably Nash), Shulk the mind flayer and Cato the orc.