Backbiter, Armoured and Ready for Battle

Backbiter is a goblin mercenary and adventurer who has spent a deal of time fighting alongside Hanu, Iskander and Viserys.

History and PersonalityEdit

Unlike many other goblins, Backbiter seems to have received a decent grounding in education at some stage during his journeying alone through the world. He seems to have tried a number of professions during his life, from thief to guide to bounty hunter, and speaks fluent common, elven, goblin, draconic, dwarven and giant. In recent years, he served as a guide through the swamps near Arcanator. In manner, Backbiter is cunning, talkative and cheerful, taking pride in well executed plans and in use of subterfuge over heavy fighting. He seems to be a loyal and stoic ally to have on one's side.

Skills and PowersEdit

Backbiter is a stealthy warrior, who predominately wears light armours and uses thin daggers and rapiers in combat. He is acrobatic and extremely fast, delivering frequent and lightning fast blows to his enemies. He is not particularly hardy or strong, and has very little in the way of leadership skills, but is very intelligent and agile, which he uses to confuse his foes. He is a fighter of sorts, and uses his many attacks to great effect when cutting down his enemies.

In the CampaignEdit

Backbiter was first seen as a guide through the marshes near Arcanator, Orkay.

The goblin also shared in the bounty hunting of Malavord in Val Kormin alongside Hanu, Iskander, Viserys and Jack Morgan, where he proved his worth and ability.

He was later seen as a mercenary in service to the Legion of the North, and was present alongside Raven during the infiltration of Reaver's Lair. He also helped the party fight through Mance Rictar's fortress, and delivered the killing blow to the dragon Morkhazastansivenereth.

He approached the party alongside Shavram of Orkay and informed them of the bounty of treasure available from Astaveir the lich and the Armoured Titan in the ruins of Arcanator. After they successfully plundered both towers, they returned to Scarfell, where Backbiter is presuambly still serving.