The Merchant Bardas

Bardas was a cunning and ruthless merchant who plied his trade on Anvar's Northern Route.


Bardas was born in the city of Vandahar in Cramen, but travelled to Anvar in an effort to earn a living by selling arms and cloth as a full fledged companion of the Merchant's Guild. Displeased with initial profits, he began to carry shipments of arms for Imperial Seeker Maveorn and his Thanish entourage, but when the rebel Sharhaven Conspiracy blockaded the roads, Bardas was left stranded with his goods in the town of Carrow.

In the CampaignEdit

Bardas appealed to the sellswords Iskander and Viserys, who agreed to guard his caravan alongside an elderly man (about whose use Bardas was deeply sceptical). Viserys and Iskander successfully dispatched the Sharhaven attackers (the hobgoblin Kathuntak and a number of goblins) before raiding their camp, leaving Bardas with orders to take the old man and wait in the village of Darven. After several hours, however, Bardas grew impatient of waiting. He knocked out the old man and left him on the roadside before proceeding to Mirkwind to sell some of his goods.

The next day, he travelled north from Mirkwind with a couple of new mercenaries. However, Iskander and Viserys (furious at the treatment of their companion) teamed up with a Sharhaven Conspirator named Dragomir and chased down the fleeing merchant. After an intense caravan pursuit, Bardas was cornered, and, despite pleading on his part, was thrown off a cliff and killed on the rocks below.