Blackscale, Armed and Ready for Battle

Blackscale was a zealous yuan-ti priest of Merrshaulk. He was a continued ally of Jamankai the genie.

History and PersonalityEdit

Blackscale was a devoted cleric of Merrshaulk, his people's deity, so it can be assumed that he was chosen as a hatchling as a spiritual leader of his people. He was the leader of the yuan-ti force which along with the lizardmen, led by their king Yvasha, captured the city of Silur Cha in Kuldan. When internal conflict arose between the yuan-ti and the lizardmen, Blackscale appealed to a number of spirits and demons for help, but only one answered: the jann Jamankai. When the yuan-ti and janni controlled the city, Blackscale became a close ally with Jamankai himself, and the two worked together on many occasions. Blackscale was ambitious, cunning and utterly devoted in his beliefs.

In the CampaignEdit

Blackscale remained the leader of the yuan-ti of Silur Cha, and took a seat of honour within the Golden Citadel itself. Along with a yuan-ti ranger and the Gatekeeper, he was the only character they encountered within the trials of Jamankai. He battled the party as they progressed through the trials, proving himself a talented warrior and cleric, wielding a scimitar and shield to great effect. Although he was defeated, he escaped with no serious injury from the fight.

Much later, Irenicus informed Viserys that Blackscale and Jamankai had attacked Koboldova. Viserys began to hunt for Jamankai with little success, but he and Iskander tracked Blackscale to Silur Cha, where they swiftly overpowered and killed him. It is unknown who currently leads his yuan-ti followers.