Branden, Scout of Sharhaven

Branden was a ranger and member of the Sharhaven Conspiracy in Anvar during the reign of King Corvan IV, and later King Sargon II.

History and PersonalityEdit

It can be assumed that Branden was born in Northern Anvar somewhere, and that he joined the Sharhaven Conspiracy while he was quite young. He and Dragomir seemed to have had quite a close friendship; it was Branden who convinced the rogue to join the organisation in the first place. Branden spent much of his time trying to hunt down Maveorn's men in Dunwood forest. In manner, Branden was honest (if brusque) and usually tried to be helpful.

In the CampaignEdit

Branden first encountered the party in Dunwood, where he pointed them in the direction of Bardas' caravan. He later joined the party in Dormansdale, and helped them inflitrate Maveorn's fortress. They next encountered the ranger after the battle of Greyhold had been won, where he thanked the party for their help and announced the Sharhaven Conspiracy to be disbanded (though whether or not he had the authority to do this is unclear).

Two years later, he was captured outside Darthing Ford by the mercenary leader Jack Morgan, who at this stage was under the influence of his amulet. Morgan threatened to kill the ranger should the party not comply with his wishes, which they did not. Morgan cut Branden's throat and left the body for the crows.


Notably, Iskander has expressed feelings of regret for allowing Branden's death.