On the Hunt

Bruan Darkbow on the Hunt

Bruan Darkbow is the current lord of Darthing Ford, Anvar. He is known for his skill as a hunter, his honour and his personal charisma.

History and PersonalityEdit

Bruan was born the son of Kogan Darkbow, a far more reclusive kind of man, and so most of the friends he made were among the common folk. He grew up as a popular young man, particularly noted for his talents at archery and as a huntsman. As he grew older, he inherited his father's interest in literature, and he takes a great interest in international politics. Bruan is noted for his open nature and generosity, although he never hesitates in meting out justice.

In the CampaignEdit

The party heard that Bruan had succeeded his father shortly after they left Darthing Ford.