Captain D'Val

Captain D'Val of Tommen's Crossing

D'Val is the captain of the civil guard in the village of Tommen's Crossing in the Grey Marches. He is widely respected for his combat prowess and his tough nature.

History and PersonalityEdit

D'Val was born in Tommen's Crossing the son of a smith and a housewife, and as such was raised in a life of relative wealth. From a young age he displayed great physical strength and a sense of justice, and was inducted into the civil guard on his sixteenth birthday. He became famous during a raid on a bandit camp when he charged recklessly into the fray and beheaded the leader in one strike. He was promoted by order of the Duke of Highmoon, and served henceforth as D'Val, Captain of the Tommen's Crossing Guard. In manner, D'Val is cold, tough, and has a keen sense of justice, never giving mercy to bandits or thieves. He often performs executions himself.

In the CampaignEdit

D'Val informed Sabjorn and Daevis about a nearby stronghold of orcs, and paid them their bounty once the leaders were killed. He also paid the party to stop the insane cleric Balthus from resurrecting the ancient dead in the tombs south of Tommen's Crossing.

He is also one of the assassination targets on Gyles' list, with a reward of three hundred gold pieces. Gyles made the following notes concerning D'Val.

"Nothing too complicated about this guard captain. He arrested three of our thieves in the last month, he's poised to continue, and he's slowed our business. Try and make it look like the work of bandits. So, you know, cut him up and piss on his corpse. Hmm, suddenly we don't seem so bad."