Cathbad the Sage, Historian and Court Wizard

Cathbad was the court wizard of Anvar during the reigns of Sargon I, Duncan I, Corvan IV and Sargon II. He was an exceptionally gifted mage and a member of the Council of Seven.

History and PersonalityEdit

Cathbad's past remains a complete mystery to the party, although he seems to maintain good relations with the Kuldani magician Garvix. He was well respected throughout Anvar, both by the people and even the kings he counselled. He was one of those who spent time investigating the Horde as well as other magical mysteries across the Imperial Heartlands. In manner he was secretive, courteous and brusque. While he did not have the same amount of mercenaries or hired hands as Garvix has, there were always those who helped Cathbad for one reason or another.

Skills and PowersEdit

Cathbad was an exceptionally gifted mage, certainly capable of creating portals and imprisoning his enemies. Whatever spell usage he favoured, however, he kept well guarded. His spellbook has as of yet not been found.

In the CampaignEdit

Cathbad first made an appearance to the party when he informed them that he knew of Iskander and Viserys' criminal past (though apparently, not Hanu's) and that he had the power to inform the king. He asked them to perform for him a favour - in which they would receive full profits - by retrieving an Abyssal scroll from the Shatterstone Caverns in Dura. The party, without much choice, performed this mysterious task for him, and he thanked them for it. He mentioned later that it concerned the Demon Graz'zt.

He was later present as a battlemage along with the Legion of the North in Scarfell, where he fought valiantly against the Horde alongside the other wizards. However, in his tent he was assassinated by a group of Seekers who swiftly fled. He is entombed in the crypts below the White Palace in Greyhold alongside his king, Sargon II.

Rumours of Continued LifeEdit

Since his assassination, rumours have arisen in Anvar that Cathbad was not killed in battle as believed, as he would never have been caught unawares due to his protective wards. Suggestions as to his location include a prisoner of the king of Farhold and exploring the mysterious western continent.

Garvix believes Cathbad is not only alive but is actively working against their party to discover the second amulet, and that he faked his own death.

The CouncilEdit

Cathbad's nephew, Darius Blackmont, was also a member of the Council of Seven, and the two had good relations with one another. Cathbad was friendly with Garvix, Cassandra and Ciad, and was neutral to Ignatius and Morokei.