Ciad (Human)

Ciad's Human Form

Ciad is a powerful sorcerer and a member of the Council of Seven. Garvix believes him to be a rakshasa.

History and PersonalityEdit

Considering that anything Ciad ever said may have been a lie, very little is known of his past. He claimed to be born in Loran, a distant and little known country, and that he was high nobility, trained from a young age in the arcane arts. He became well known as an excellent speaker and a gifted diplomat, and travelled north to Tashkan where he was hired as the emissary of the king. It was here that he met the wizard Ignatius, who travelled to Tashkan to meet with the king, and the two became good friends. When Cathbad, Darius and Morokei encountered them during a meeting of magi at the Sultan's Palace in Balkhash, Kuldan, they agreed to form the council. Garvix and Cassandra both met Ciad at a later date, and they both warmed to him, seeing him as decent, likeable and wise. He travelled to Passage like Darius and Garvix seeking the other half of Morgan's amulet, and apparently found that Davodred's catacombs were impenetrable.

Skills and PowersEdit

Garvix maintains that Ciad is an exceptionally powerful sorcerer specialising in extremely aggressive spells. The party has never seen him fight, but if he is indeed a rakshasa, then he has a number of other powers at his disposal as well.

In the CampaignEdit

The party encountered a nobleman named Lord Sylvester near the royal palace, who told Garvix in confidence that he was the mage Ciad. He gave them what little he had supposedly learned concerning the vaults below the city, and told them to beware the plague of yellow fever for as long as they were in the city.

While the party made their way through the underground vaults, Garvix and Ciad had some manner of confrontation with each other, though what actually transpired is unkown. Garvix believes that Ciad was waiting near the palace to lead the party into peril by informing Captain Azeidan of their break-in, and that he had already stolen the amulet himself. If that is the case, his role was to prevent any other council members from finding the amulet, and the fact he was waiting suggests he wanted to know who else was searching. The presence of a dead Carta member suggests that Ciad was not working alone. After the party left the vaults, Azeidan accosted the party and tried to arrest them. They managed to escape and have now seemingly avoided encountering Ciad at all.

The CouncilEdit

Ciad was the only member of the Council of Seven to get along with everyone else, even Morokei, who many found unpleasant and frightening. Ciad was also often the one who announced Council meetings, taking an active role in their doings and plans, though his motives in this are unclear.