Corvale Winterbeard II

Corvale Winterbeard

Corvale Winterbeard is a Duran merchant prince and one of the leading members of the Easthaven Trading Company.

History and PersonalityEdit

Corvale was born into House Winterbeard to his father Erian, and grew up first as a warrior and combatant. However, he abandoned his house to seek adventure abroad, and at one point became a mercenary for the Easthaven Trading Company, even moving to Easthaven within years. After a number of successful jobs, he began to lead a team on contracts, and eventually manage his group from behind a desk. He continued to rise through company ranks thanks to his ambitious nature, ruthlessness and quick mind. Corvale has become somewhat fat with age, but he remains a cunning and devious merchant, self serving and amoral.

In the CampaignEdit

Investigation into the murders in Darthing Ford through Sylas and letters to Lord Janus indicate that Corvale was the one who authorised the assassinations, although it is very likely that the dwarf was manipulated into doing so by the cambion Vandred. Corvale had believed he was getting a monopoly on Anvarian arms by killing off rival merchants, but was in effect demilitarising Anvar altogether. Seemingly Corvale now wants to keep his involvement in this affair absolutely hidden, and has gone to lengths to ensure it is not spoken of.

The party have taken advantage of Corvale's predicament several times. They blackmailed the dwarf for information about Vandred and Erys, his fellow company masters, about the management of the company, of which he knew little, and about the sub-basement of the company headquarters. They received the key to this basement from the dwarf as well, (though he did not know of Mah'lok's presence there), and notably Viserys made Corvale replace a barrel of smoked fish and a valuable dagger purchased by the kobold Tarnish with a barrel full of dogshit, which was then sent to the kobold.