King Corvan

King Corvan IV, "The Glorious"

Corvan was the king of Anvar for nearly thirty years. He had one son, named Sargon, and one daughter who died as an infant. Corvan can be remembered for his arrogant manner, his scheming alongside the Thanish leaders, and his attempted coup of the throne after he was cast down.

History and PersonalityEdit

Corvan was born in Greyhold and raised in the White Palace, as is befitting a prince. His father, King Duncan I, died while Corvan was very young, so a council ruled for the boy until he came of age. Upon doing so, Corvan became fairly popular among many for refusing to fight in any wars, even when called upon by allies in Altea and Cramen. He became disillusioned by the idea of independence after these two  countries were occupied by Thane, and privately sought audience with the Margrave. The two men apparently made a deal, though the specifics are unclear. Notably, Corvan refused to grant Ser Davan of Claymount an audience concerning the growing Horde in Scarfell. He had a certain degree of respect for his court wizard, Cathbad. Corvan was a fairly unpleasant man in manner, for despite his intelligence he was a coward and extremely arrogant.

In the CampaignEdit

Corvan was king when Iskander and Viserys began their adventures together. He posted a bounty on their heads after Bardas' death, and when news reached him of Maveorn's death, he attempted to flee the city to escape the Margrave's wrath. However, he and his guards were intercepted by the party, where he surrendered and was tied up unceremoniously and thrown into a tower. After he was deposed by his son Sargon, who assumed the title Sargon II, Corvan became bitter and reclusive.

Three years later, Corvan attempted a coup by having Sargon and the party captured and sold to Nashka; his son as a ward to Emperor Vathras, and the party as slaves. He would resume the throne and marry Lady Asira. However, the plan was unsuccessful as the party broke free of their chains and escaped the prison ship's hold. They spotted the former king fleeing with his mercenary Raven, and Viserys used magic to ignite their rowboat. Raven dived into the sea, while Corvan was burnt badly. He swore revenge, but Raven grew tired of the man's empty promises and cut his throat before escaping himself. Sargon returned to Anvar to resume the throne.


Corvan IV was succeeded by his son Sargon II, who was in turn succeeded by his cousin Corvan V.