Lord of Somewhere

Corvan V, King of Anvar

Corvan is the current king of the free kingdom of Anvar, and is known for his wisdom and decent nature.

History and PersonalityEdit

Corvan was born a cousin of Prince Sargon, and growing up, being older than the prince, he would often look after him and keep him out of trouble. When Sargon found a bodyguard, Akkadius, King Corvan IV felt it wold be untoward for Corvan to look after the boy so much, so he engaged himself in other activities, such as learning court politics and jousting (which he proved exceptional at). He is widely known for his good nature, his quick mind and his political ability.

In the CampaignEdit

Corvan succeeded Sargon after the latter was killed by a slayer of the Horde in Scarfell. He was thus hailed as a victor after Mah'lok's death, and he returned to great support from Anvar. He is currently ruling from Greyhold and has attracted attention from other powers for his trade agreements and confidence.