Campaign World Map

Map of the Known World

Countries can be grouped together geographically.

Old Imperial HeartlandsEdit

Seven EmpiresEdit

  • Nashka
  • Valkar
  • Donruud
  • Mehyr
  • Tasra
  • Old Shar
  • Skane

This region also contains other countries which do not belong to the Seven Empires;

  • Loran
  • Shar
  • Southern Spice Isles (Colony of Valkar)

Great Eastern PlainsEdit

The Savage NorthEdit

Islands of the Resting SeaEdit

Islands of the Sea of StarsEdit

  • Vernia (Colony of Dura)
  • Midgard (Disputed Colony of Orkay)
  • Frostbone Isles
  • Stormstone (Colony of the Grey Marches)

What Lies WestEdit

The lands to the West are supposedly covered in thick jungle and sparkling sands, but those who make the journey rarely return. Teleportation magic seems to fail, and many mages theorise that this is due to magical spells cast along the coast of the Western Shores by whoever lives there, in an effort to keep out would-be invaders. One explorer swears that he saw a city made of gold, leading to the disappearance of countless treasure hunters across the Resting Sea.