Daevis caught without his armour, but bearing his greatsword Moonshade and his lucky dagger

Daevis is a half-dwarf adventurer.


Daevis' mother was a whore from Anvar who died when he was very young. Because of his own general appearance he assumed that his father was a dwarf, and travelled to Dura at a young age. In Dura he heard tales about dungeons and dragons and the glory of adventure, and later travelled to the remote Grey Marches in search of excitement. There he encountered the rogue Sabjorn and the mage Eredain and joined forces with them.


Daevis has tried his hand at many different skills and at many different fighting styles. He has always been lucky (and often he attributes his good fortune to the Laughing Rogue), though this has encouraged him to frequently tempt fate - his recklessness grows with his competence. He usually wears heavy armour and wields a variety of weapons depending on his situation. When not on the road or in some monster-infested ruin, Daevis likes to drink ale, gamble, brawl and share stories with other adventurers.

Character SheetEdit

Daevis - Half-dwarf fighter 3, ranger 1, barbarian 1, priest of Olidammara 1, rogue 1

HP68(24 constitution) SPEED 20(4) INITIATIVE+1 (+1 dexterity)

AC25(+9 armour, +1 dexterity, +3 shield, +1 pendant, +1 ring)

Fortitude+11(+4 constitution, +2 cloak)

Reflex+7(+1 dexterity, +2 cloak)

Will+7(+1 wisdom, +2 cloak)

ABILITIES 22(20), 12, 18, 12, 12, 8


Weeping Axe+13/+8 (+6 strength, +1 enhancement)

Moonshade+14/+9 (+6 strength, +2 enhancement)

Dagger +8/+3 (+1 dexterity, +1 enhancement)


Weeping Axe d8+7+weep/x3 (+6 strength, +1 enhancement)

Moonshade 2d6+11/18-20+2d8 (+9 strength, +2 enhancement)

Dagger d4+7/18-20 (+6 strength, +1 enhancement)

SPELLS Spell Healing 1/ d8+1

0 - Detect Magic, Minor Healing, Guidance

1 - Disguise Self, Bless, Detect Magic

SQ Poison Resistance +2, Magic Resistance +2, Stonecunning +2, Stability+4, Darkvision, Improved Flank+4, Fingers Crossed d6/day, Twist Fate 1/day, Attack Goblins +1, Attack Orcs +1, Dodge Giants +4, Giantslayer+2, Dragonslayer +2, Rage 1/day (+4 strength, +4 constitution, +2 will, -2 AC, 9 rounds), penetrating strike, sneak attack+d6

FEATS Power Attack 6, Track, Cleave


Use Magic Device +8 (+9 ranks, +1 charisma)

Reckoning +10 (+9 ranks, +1 intelligence)

Perception +10 (9 ranks, +1 wisdom)

Speech +8 (9 ranks, -1 charisma)

Dungeoneering +12 (9 ranks, +1 intelligence, +2 inherent)

Survival +10(9 ranks, +1 wisdom)

LANGUAGES Common, Dwarven, Draconic, Orcgiant

EQUIPMENT 32557 gold, potion d8+5, returning dagger +1, Moonshade+2, Weeping Axe+1, Fortified Shield +1, Fortitified Plate+1, Cloak of Resistance+2, Boots of Fire Resistance 5, Belt of Strength +2, Adventurer's Rod, Charm Medallion, Fullbow+2, Pendant of Natural Armour+1, Ring of Protection+1, Bloodwind+3