Noble Fighter

Lord Dareth Roswell at the Battle of Greyhold

Lord Dareth Roswell is a lord living on an estate a few miles North of the city of Greyhold.

History and PersonalityEdit

The party knows very little of Dareth's past, save that he is married and like most Anvarian lords he enjoys pursuits of horeseriding and hunting. He has a mutual emnity with the scheming Lord Silas Beckett. Dareth is popular among the peasantry and nobility for his good nature and generosity.

In the CampaignEdit

After puting the party up for the night prior to Corvan's deposition, he argued in their defense at the gates of Greyhold that they should not be imprisoned. Later, when he was captured by Morgan and his gang, Iskander, Viserys and Hanu joined Morgan's men rather than risk harm to Dareth.


Dareth has a cousin, Marcus, who is the captain of the guard in the city of Caer Andros in the Grey Marches.