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Darius Blackmont, Prince of Narrowhaven

Darius Blackmont is the prince of the Narrowhaven region of Orkay. He is known for his skill in battle and magical abilities.

History and PersonalityEdit

Darius was born into the wealthy Blackmont family, and from a young age showed a great deal of potential as a noble and as a mage. Being a nephew of the great foreign wizard Cathbad, Darius was taught the arcane arts in addition to his standard education. Growing up, Darius became a symbol of wisdom and valour as he fought in multiple campaigns against would be Thanish invaders and bandits from Kuldan. On his return, he was greeted with a huge deal of support, and over time was elected to the position of Prince of Narrowhaven, which he accepted graciously. He was also inducted into his uncle's order, the Council of Seven, due to his arcane ability. In manner, Darius is ambitious, clever and practical.

Skills and PowersEdit

Despite being a member of the Council of Seven and a respected mage, Darius' primary magical abilities are focused solely around improving his combat skills or enhancing his abilities before a fight. He is far more comfortable engaging his enemies directly with his heavily enchanted sword and shield. He is well-rounded on the battlefield, capable of preserving his few offensive spells for distant foes while taking part in melee with his blade. He also possesses a powerful magical ring through which he can instantly cast certain spells.

In the CampaignEdit

Darius was among the first to begin searching for the hidden half of the ancient amulet, but he was unable to locate it precisely, instead narrowing its location down to somewhere across the Resting Sea. He hired the party as mercenaries and made plans to sail to the western shores upon his ship, Stormbreaker.

Blackmont's Ship, Stormbreaker

After casting some other spells to discern the amulet's true location, he tracked it to the city island of Passage. However, at this stage the magician Garvix was aware of Darius' searching and he informed the party, who travelled to Passage to claim the amulet for themselves.

After finding the amulet missing from Davodred's catacombs, the party fled from the island, fighting past Captain Azeidan alongside Jack Morgan, Paedran and Tarnish. Garvix informed them that Ciad was a rakshasa, and that Darius was most likely dead already, although his fate remains unclear as of yet.

The CouncilEdit

Darius maintained good relations with Cathbad and Ignatius, and fairly neutral relations with Ciad, Cassandra and Garvix. He harbours a strong dislike for the mage Morokei.