King Davodred at the Battle of Freehaven

Davodred was a legendary warrior king of the free city of Passage over three hundred years ago. He is considered as one of the most fearsome and experienced kings of history, owing to his brilliant victories of the Imperial Heartlands.

History and PersonalityEdit

Davodred was born a prince to his father Maradred, who ruled defensibly against the enemies of Passage until Davodred came of age. When he died of old age, Davodred assumed his role as king aggressively, and sent ships filled with soldiers to take over the countries of the Imperial Heartlands. He first won a victory over the nation of Arvania, from which it never recovered, then against Thane itself, which surrendered rather than lose its emperor. Altea, Cramen and Ravain all fell after much conflict, but an alliance between Dura and Anvar managed to repel his attacks. He managed to defeat King Oren of Dura in single combat, but his armies were defeated in Sharhaven and he was executed by King Corvan II of Anvar.

In the CampaignEdit

The party ventured into his ancient vaults below the city island of Passage, solving a number of riddles and defeating many guardians, before discovering the amulet had been stolen by Ciad and others.