Dazlukh, Warrior and Captain

Dazlukh is a hobgoblin warrior and captain who previously occupied a region of the Shatterstone Caverns in Dura.


Dazlukh was previously part of a larger tribe of hobgoblins from Dura, but his regiment deserted due to a hatred of the leader of that clan, Vohorak. Dazlukh led his people south in the hope of joining a seperate legion of hobgoblins, which seemed hopeless when they found themselves in the Shatterstone Caverns, a hive of different monsters and creatures from across Dura. Dazlukh does seem to genuinely care for the soldiers he commands.

In the CampaignEdit

Dazlukh freely allowed the party to pass through his lands to reach Skullsplitter's court, sensing that they were powerful adventurers. Before they left (and long before Viserys claimed ownership of the caves) Dazlukh led his people out, though his current whereabouts are unknown. It is possible that like many other hobgoblins he joined up with Mauhulakh's Legion on the island of Midgard.

Daevis, Sabjorn and Eredain encountered Dazlukh when venturing near Mavramorn's Tomb on Midgard, as he led the hobgoblin army garrisoned there.