Dragomir, Sharhaven Conspirator

Dragomir was a rogue who served as a companion to the party after meeting them near Mirkwind. He was a member of the Sharhaven Conspiracy and a friend of Branden the ranger and Lordo the merchant. His talents were mostly focused on purloinery, but he was also a decent combatant.

History and PersonalityEdit

Dragomir was born and bred in the city of Darthing Ford in Anvar, where he worked briefly as a stable hand before turning in the pitchfork in favour of a sword. He earned a small reputation as a mercenary before being arrested by the Civil Guard; however, he was rescued by some members of the Sharhaven Conspiracy and offered a place, which he accepted hastily. He dedicated himself to the cause of liberating Anvar, and used his impressive array of talents to win favour with the organisation. Dragomir seems to have been very wealthy, but where he acquired such riches is a mystery. His friendliness and sense of humour meant that he was well received wherever he went. He had a son with the stablemaster's daughter in Darthing Ford, though it is unclear as to whether he was aware of this.

Skills and PowersEdit

Dragomir was a talented thief and a decent combatant. He favoured use of the shortsword and buckler in battle, but would use a crossbow if called on to do so.  His primary fault seems to have been a degree of kleptomania, as he would often collect shiny jewellery and gemstones even when threatened. Dragomir was relatively strong for a human, but possessed no magical ability.

In the CampaignEdit

Dragomir joined Iskander and Viserys outside Mirkwind and quickly helped them transform their appearances in return for the death of his enemy Marek. He then helped the party with their own goals, specifically taking on Bardas and Maveorn. After staying with the party in Dormansdale, they were attacked by bounty hunters, one of whom they took captive, before he told Iskander and Viserys of what the Sharhaven Conspiracy stood for and what they would gain from helping him.

The newfound trio travelled to Greyhold with a captive in tow, and they split up to attempt to gather information on the whereabouts or day-to-day patterns of King Corvan IV. However, when Iskander and Viserys went looking for Dragomir, they found him in the Drinking Pits, his corpse hanging from a metal hook alongside the bounty hunter's. The party buried Dragomir outside, but who was truly responsible for the murder of Dragomir remains a mystery.


Although Dragomir was killed, his son Dragomir II joined the party at a later date, before being killed himself.