Young Rogue

Dragomir II, Aspiring Adventurer

Dragomir II, or Dragomir Jr., was an aspiring adventurer from Darthing Ford and the son of Dragomir. He was a rogue, but also showed a mild ability as a mage.

History and PersonalityEdit

Dragomir II was born in Darthing Ford in Anvar to a young barmaid, who raised him and nurtured him until he came of age. He never knew his father, only that they shared the same name, as well as some of the same talents. He was naturally curious, likeable and friendly, and he offered to travel with the party, which they accepted.

In the CampaignEdit

After braving the Shatterstone Caverns and solving the murders in Darthing Ford, it became apparent that Dragomir II was not a particularly useful adventurer, certainly not as skilled a rogue as Hanu. He briefly served as an apprentice to Viserys, though the elf proved an erratic and short-tempered master. Dragomir II was eventually killed in a battle with a white dragon in Dura.