Drason, Templar of Graz'zt

Drason was a warrior and a Templar of Graz'zt. His primary role was a station in Scarfell during the attacks of the Horde.


Drason was a defender of the cult of Graz'zt in his birthtown of Camnon in Nashka, and he travelled north at the instruction of his superior Herot. His role was to wait at a small compound to receive arms delivered by Vandred (although they were disguised as Easthaven Trading Company shipments). He was then to distribute the arms to the Horde, specifically giving them to the military leaders Mah'lok, Reaver, Jazrick and Mance Rictar.

In the CampaignEdit

While fulfilling his role of distributing shipments, Drason was unaware that he was drawing the ire of the Altean government. The arms delivered were not the property of the Easthaven Trading Company; they were en route to Altea when Vandred decided to send them on to Scarfell. King Davram Despard felt that killing Drason would help both retrieve Altean goods and earn goodwill from the Legion of the North. Hanu was tasked with assassinating the Templar in his compound. The assassin climbed up the scaffolding, managed to sneak past the guards, and delivered a flawless death attack to the unsuspecting Templar. Hanu then started a fire to destroy the compound and left the area undetected.