Drogon Northwalker, Explorer and Clan Leader

Drogon is the clan leader of the Duran House Northwalker. He is famous for his interest in exploration and colonisation.

History and PersonalityEdit

Drogon is a fairly young dwarf at sixty years old, having been clan leader since he was twenty when his father became insane and unfit to lead. The family have often been considered unusual, and Drogon was no exception. He showed an aptitude both at use of a Doom Bolter and as a ship's captain, and expressed a desire to sail west across the Sea of Stars and into the uncharted western continent. His mother is reclusive and does not speak much to outsiders, so it is unclear as to how she feels about this plan. Drogon is kind and charismatic, but often seems distant and is not as driven or practical as many of his kin. He enjoys reading, particularly fiction or legends, and has spent the last twenty-five years completing his ship, Waverider. His ancestry can be traced back through Sybbi Star-Cutter to her father Anvald, a great dwarven hero who founded the city of Halgard.

In the Campaign Edit

Drogon was a candidate for the Duran throne after Endrin's death, though he was not a popular choice, being the third to be eliminated from the running after Thoram Iron-Breaker and Orvik Stonebow. He lent his initial support to Lordan Lowboot and Nuhu Xon Dovos, but switched to support Iskander Redbeard after he received promises for an expedition to the western continent to be arranged.

Drogon Northwalker currently sits on the Duran Small Council as Master of Ships.