Warrior Prince

"There's no need for violence. Not between us, anyway."

Duncan is a mysterious foreign dignitary who currently has a large army camp in the deserts of Nashka.

History and PersonalityEdit

Virtually nothing is known of Duncan's past, though he claims to come from a line of Old Imperial royalty, and that he is reclaiming his birthright of the Imperial Heartlands. He is extremely intelligent, charismatic and regal, and has many thousands of soldiers at his command. Where he got them is unclear.

Skills and PowersEdit

Hanu is the only party member to have seen Duncan, but he believes him to be an exceptionally powerful arcane warrior, gifted with skill in battle and with powerful magic. He also has a sword which can open portals seemingly at will, as well as an army at his command.

In the CampaignEdit

Duncan engaged in talks with King Davram Despard in Freehaven, Altea, while Hanu worked to prevent Davram's death. Although the talks collapsed into fighting, Hanu managed to keep all of his men alive and Davram safe. Duncan opened a portal and returned to his Nashkan army camp.


Duncan seems to desire a full conquest of the Old Imperial Heartlands, although surely such a massive campaign is a long-term plan and something that he could not accomplish without decades of preparation.