Easthaven Traders Arrive in Kuldan

Easthaven Traders Arriving in Kuldan

The Easthaven Trading Company is a massive international trade company based in the city-state of Easthaven. They are not affiliated with the governing Council of Easthaven, but this distinction escapes most rulers. They have meant a great deal of trouble for the Merchant's Guild and the Free Leagues due to their efficiency and sheer size.

Origins and GoalsEdit

The Easthaven Trading Company was established about four hundred years ago, shortly after Easthaven declared its independence. They quickly began trying to buy out courier rights from various other companies, employing mages for light goods, caravans for heavy goods, even buying sources of materials to create monopolies. (For example, the Company could buy an iron mine then charge whatever it wanted for both cost and delivery to other nations). Easthaven Ships carry spices and trade goods from as far afield as Passage and Southmark to the Savage North, the Seven Empires, the Eastern Plains, and the Imperial Heartlands. Their headquarters has even become something of a tourist attraction, where they invite citizens to enter and see how the organisation operates.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Vandred De'Sharkan - A name used by the Cambion Vandred when he posed as a Company official. Mah'lok was also present in the company building, but remained out of sight.
  • Erys Valthune - A Kuldani high ranking official within the Easthaven Trading Company. Erys focuses on expanding their trade to the West, the Island Kingdoms and perhaps even beyond.
  • Corvale Winterbeard - This dwarf has had a number of run-ins with the party. He is heavily implicated as having had something to do with the killings in Darthing Ford, and subsequentially the party have seen fit to blackmail him on numerous occasions; by making him give up information on Vandred and Erys, granting them the access key to the sub-basement, and Viserys also made him fill a barrel with dogshit and send it to the kobold Tarnish.
  • Taar of Easthaven - A powerful warrior who was sent to occupy the abandoned Dustboot Mine in Anvar.