King Endrin on the Throne

King Endrin Glimbolt was the king of Dura for the last hundred and twelve years. On his death, the council convened to elect a new king.

History and PersonalityEdit

Endrin was born in the town of Uldroth about four hundred years ago, and from a young age he was seen as a respectable and prestigious clan member. His father was killed while battling a giant in the Ironwall Mountains, and his mother died of sickness two years after that. Growing up alone in his clan, Endrin impressed his peers by serving as lord of Uldroth despite his loss. He became popular for his dedication to family and his love for the common folk. When the reigning king died with no named heir, the council was convened to elect a new king. After a long and heated council, it fell to the dead king's son and Endrin to decide who should rule, when the young prince conceded and allowed Endrin to gain the throne, recognising his strength of will and moral nature. Under Endrin's rule, Dura prospered, and they experienced a time of peace until the Horde attacked from Scarfell. Recently, Endrin suffered a heart attack while attending a council meeting. He died later that day.


Endrin had no sons and no named heir, so the Glimbolt line died with him.

The council was convened to elect a new king from a number of candidates. They were as follows:

In the end, it was Iskander Redbeard who succeeded Endrin as king.