General Dace II

Maximillian Oswald Dace

Maximillian Oswald Dace (more usually referred to simply as General Dace) is the commander of Dura's largest army. He has earned fame for his decisive nature, his valour in combat and his skill as a general. His most recent role has been the leader of the dwarven armies in Scarfell.

History and PersonalityEdit

Dace was essentially born into the warrior caste, and from a young age his training was entirely focused around the use of the axe, shield and crossbow. His parents were both killed during an attack on Stormshield by the nearby orcish clans, although Dace took revenge on the orc leaders by leading a regiment of dwarves into their caves and slaughtering them. Due to his leadership skills and iron will, Dace was appointed captain of the guard in Halgard, where he first met Iskander Redbeard. He was later promoted to the rank of general, and he serves as Dura's most prestigious military leader. Dace is stern, tough and traditional, but there are no allies more loyal nor comrades as true. He enjoys frequent use of large cigars, which are imported from more tropical countries further south, and are thus hugely expensive.

Skills and PowersEdit

General Dace fights wearing a heavy suit of platemail, bearing a steel shield in one hand and a waraxe in the other. He is notoriously tough, though his talents as a tactician exceed his skill in battle, so he usually directs the battle from a command tent. He is also talented with the Duran Doom Bolter, a heavy repeating crossbow capable of firing several bolts over a matter of seconds.

In the CampaignEdit

General Dace first made an appearance after Viserys' occupation of the Shatterstone Caverns, leading an army of dwarves to negotiate with the wizard. Iskander and Hanu attempted to convince Dace that the caves could remain Duran ground, and after a lengthy process, Dace conceded to the party's wishes (although this was more likely due to his friendship with Iskander than agreement with Viserys).

He later appeared as one of the battle commanders to fight the Horde in Scarfell. His dwarven armies were responsible for some of the most effective slaughter Howling Pass ever witnessed, and Dace himself was responsible for the death of a Slayer.

Most recently, Dace was one of the candidates for kingship in Dura, and although he was initially a popular choice, he deemed Iskander to be a wiser king and withdrew, offering his support to Redbeard. He still serves as Dura's greatest general, a member of Iskander's court alongside Malliver and Thrond.


Maximillian's brother, Jerold, was the inventor (or at least modifier) of the dwarven Doom Bolter, modelled after a duergar design. Jerold also had a hand in the creation of the dwarven firearm.