Gyles of the Grey Marches

Gyles is a halfling guild thief native to the Grey Marches. He is an associate and friend of the adventurer and ex-guild member Sabjorn.

History and PersonalityEdit

Gyles was born in the village of Goodferry in the High Forest, the son of a servant and a whore. As a result, he quickly gave up on any hope of a decent childhood and joined a small gang of river pirates. Along with this group, he raided merchant boats and ferries for valuables, at least until he and his companions were captured by soldiers from Highmoon. He served four years in prison, and on his release became a pickpocket in the slums of the city, with little more wealth than a common beggar. He was inducted into the Grey Marches Thieves Guild after a period of free lance work, but fell out of favour after botching an assassination job, where all of his companions were arrested by the civil guard. Gyles is not a good fighter, but he is exceptionally clever and witty, with the drive and abilities of a professional thief. He is also loyal to his ally Sabjorn.

In the CampaignEdit

Gyles spoke to Sabjorn in Highmoon while Daevis and Eredain were hunting the crime lord Marten, where he explained that the guildmasters had given him a large sum of money and the seemingly impossible task of carrying out several challenging assassination contracts. The halfling gave Sabjorn a list of these contracts and told him that he would pay the adventurer for every one of the contracts eliminated. Once all of the victims are dead, Gyles can return to the guild in good standing, and Sabjorn should be far richer for it.


The following are all of Gyles contract kills. A description of each target can be found here.

  • Lucky
  • Stumpy
  • Oghren
  • Knife-Eyes
  • Oskar
  • Garond
  • Quickfinger
  • Neall
  • Blacktooth
  • Myria
  • Lasrian
  • Captain D'Val

The following targets have already been eliminated.

  • Altan Thuranni
  • Jaden Walker
  • Larius Stone
  • Scab