Jaquen Hammerfist

Hakon Hammerfist, Acting Clan Leader

Hakon is a Duran noble and the acting head of House Hammerfist during his brother Jaquen's imprisonment.

History and PersonalityEdit

Hakon was born into a life of wealth and plenty, yet he had neither the ambition or opportunity of his brother Jaquen nor the beauty of his sister Astrid. Hakon seemed doomed to a life of inequity, and dedicated himself to undertaking significant merchant ventures. His most notable achievements have been the selling of gunpowder to Tashkan and the production of alchemical supplies from Dungard. Although he is rumoured to have ties to the Duran Carta, Hakon denies all such claims. He has spent a number of years investigating Carta activities, and paid a number of visits to the elderly Druona Silkstone before her execution. Hakon is intelligent, resourceful and politically minded, earning him respect from many of the other Duran Houses.

In the CampaignEdit

Since Jaquen's imprisonment, Hakon is acting clan leader of House Hammerfist. He has indicated that he prefers this arrangement.