Hanley in Arcanator's Serving House

Hanley is an Anvarian lumber mill owner who was previously a bandit in the service of Jack Morgan. He grudgingly agreed to join the Legion of the North in Scarfell to repel the Horde.

History and PersonalityEdit

Although the party never questioned Hanley about his past, it can be assumed he was from Anvar somewhere. He had probably joined Morgan's crew while quite young. In manner, Hanley is somewhat ignorant, crude and cowardly.

Skills and PowersEdit

Hanley is not much of a fighter or a thinker, but he has proven himself to be a decent thief due to his speed and manual dexterity. He uses an enchanted rapier of frost which he purchased recently. He was also an efficient owner of his lumber mill, jointly owned with the hobgoblin Kord Al-Khan.

In the CampaignEdit

Hanley was first encountered in the company of Jack Morgan, although he never really talked with the party.

He was later seen with his friend Rod in Arcanator's Serving House, where Viserys cast a spell upon him compelling him to perform oral sex on Rod, though this never actually transpired due to intervention by other adventurers (though not Paedran, who was also present). The party left soon after.

Hanley was later encountered at his lumber mill, making agreements that his lumber mill would be backed by Kord Al-Khan's gang, and the prices would undercut all union-based mills. However, this proved irrelevent as the party told him to join up with the Legion of the North.

He was later chosen as a member of the team to descend into the dungeon containing Mah'lok's portal, alongside Akkadius, Hanu, Viserys, Iskander, Tarnish and an unknown kobold. He was present for Mah'lok's execution, but was unable to help much.