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Herot in the Wastes of Scarfell

Herot was a powerful mage and minion of Graz'zt. He fought primarily with magic, but also had a greatsword with which he was proficient.

History and PersonalityEdit

Herot's voice and mannerisms suggest Anvarian ancestry, though his past remains a complete mystery to the party. How long he had been in service to Graz'zt, or what role he had served to the demon prince in general, are unknown, but clearly Herot was a worthy adversary and loyal servant of the Horde. Alongside Reaver, Mah'lok and Vandred, he made up the fourth part of the Horde's primary leadership. In manner, Herot was cunning and cruel, but vain and very quick to anger. It is possible that his mind became affected towards the end of his life, as his plans became more unfocused and his methods unreliable.

Skills and PowersEdit

Although Herot was not as powerful as Vandred or Mah'lok, he was still an extremely talented wizard and eldritch knight, combining magic and melee combat together with lethal skill. He wore leather armour alongside a black enchanted cloak and styled himself a "dreadlord," a title adopted by a number of his servants and admirers after his death. His most powerful spells were gifts directly from Graz'zt, often involving inflicting horrible pain, sudden death, virulent diseases or powerful curses. His favoured approach was to weaken his enemies from afar before finishing them off with his blade.

In the CampaignEdit

He was first encountered alone by Viserys when the elf was attempted to bargain with the demon prince Graz'zt. Herot was there to accompany Viserys in sacrificing an unwilling priest of Moradin before an altar of Graz'zt. They chose to ritually kill the Duran priest Brother Burkel, and Viserys tricked the priest into accompanying him to the altar. Upon arrival at the cave, Viserys had a change of heart. He allowed Burkel to go free and summoned a wall of stone upon Herot. Although Herot avoided death, his leg was completely crushed by the wall and he was forced to create a false metal leg to replace it.

He appeared in the camp of the Legion of the North in Scarfell under the guise of Rothe, a veteran mercenary from Orkay, but at some stage the deception was discovered and he was killed by Hanu and Tarnish. His grand dreams of revenge against Viserys seemingly died with him.