Hodd Highshield

Hodd Highshield, Lord of Vandheim

Hodd Highshield is the lord of Vandheim, a dwarven village that operates effectively as a colony of Dura, but is in fact under the ruins of Val Kormin in Orkay.

History and PersonalityEdit

Hodd's family are not a noble clan, but the name still carries prestige due to their reputation as warriors and guardians of the surface lands. The Highshields and the Lowboots traditionally are very close, due to their shared beliefs in preserving the ancient dwarven traditions of subterranean architecture. Hodd himself seemed more concerned with the issues of explosives and their capacity for mining purposes. He was polite and welcoming to Iskander, but cooller and less friendly to Viserys and Hanu. He expressed a deep dislike for the drow Malavord.

In the CampaignEdit

Hodd welcomed Hanu, Iskander and Viserys to stay in his village during their hunt for Malavord, but he wanted to discuss new technologies alone with Iskander. He ordered Hanu and Viserys to be refused access to the keep (though they both broke in anyway) and showed Iskander the gun prototypes refined by Jerold Dace. Hanu and Viserys stole the designs, which Hanu used to sell to world leaders (such as Davram Despard and the Margrave) and Viserys used to arm his fortress. Hodd has not been seen since, but word suggests that his favoured candidate for the throne was Lordan Lowboot, followed by Maximillian Dace, followed by Iskander Redbeard.