Irenicus, Leader of the Koboldovan Mages

Irenicus is the leader of the mages of Koboldova and a loyal steward to Viserys. He boasts a firm grasp of arcane magic and is respected for his wisdom and ability.

History and PersonalityEdit

Irenicus was the leader of the kobolds occupying the western tunnels in the Shatterstone Caverns for many years. He had managed to keep his clan alive, despite attacks by bugbears and Skullsplitter's followers. When Viserys occupied the cave system and declared it to be now the realm of kobolds, Irenicus welcomed the elf with open claws. Since then, Viserys has appointed him to a position of prestige and Irenicus has proven himself more than worthy of that role. He is respectful, humble and perceptive, although he is perhaps ignorant of other races.

In the CampaignEdit

Irenicus governs the running of Koboldova when Viserys is away, and does his best to ensure the lich's orders are obeyed at all times. Recently, Irenicus was turned into stone during an attack by Jamankai and Blackscale, but he was rescued by Viserys. Irenicus has had no extended dealings with either Hanu or Iskander.