Iskander is a Duran king, adventurer and the fifth clan leader of clan Redbeard. He is married to Talisa Redbeard.


Iskander is a typical looking hill dwarf, if not one with a particularily homely look. He has a rugged appearance, boasting several scars and wounds from his early days of adventuring, along with a missing tooth (which was eventually replaced with an enchanted golden tooth, the moment he could afford it.). He has only recently taken to styling his beard with knots and braids, as befitting a noble dwarf, previously preferring to simply allow his beard to grow wild and unkempt. Nowadays, he is usually found wearing his full-plate, and cloak, both showing the Redbeard sigil.


Iskander was born son to Wytin Redbeard, and Druona Silkstone 73 years before he met Viserys. His closest family member was his cousin Madrik. He learned his strict and authorative nature from his parents, and respected him as Clan Leader more so than as a father.

However, 31 years after his birth, his mother, Druona, was caught embezzling funds from the already limited Redbeard coffers. Wytin executed Druona as the law said, but Iskander could not bring himself to accept this judgement, and left the clan.

For the next 35 years, Iskander worked a simple life, working as a guard in various villages, helping drive off various Kobold and Goblin attacks with local militias, under the name Rednaksi, a hill dwarf from Selvan. Tired of the stagnation in his life, he decided to seek adventure as a Mercenary. He discarded his false persona, seeking employment. 2 years later, he met with a talented elven mage, Viserys, with whom he decided to work with, and form the basis of the current party