Dwarf Dick

"You think this is a joke, Redbeard?"

Jaquen is the clan leader of the Duran House Hammerfist. He is famous for his wealth and shady reputation.

History and PersonalityEdit

Jaquen was the oldest in his family, with a younger brother (Hakon) and a younger sister (Astrid). From a young age he gained a reputation of a shrewd and fearsome businessman, buying out several small industries as soon as he came of age. His father Harald is currently in prison for fraud, so he became clan leader while still young. As leader, he became known for his ruthless nature and his skill in battle. He is also rumoured to have connections with the Duran Carta, or even of being a fully fledged member. His weapon of choice is his hammer, Backbreaker. In manner, Jaquen is offensive, cunning and quick to anger.

In the CampaignEdit

Jaquen first appeared when he attacked Iskander and Madrik outside the Braided Beard in Lake Home, however he and his men were defeated.

Jaquen was a candidate for the Duran throne after Endrin's death, and he was initially one of the more popular choices. He made it down to the final two candidates for kingship, alongside Iskander Redbeard. However, some have suggested that he bribed or blackmailed some of the other candidates for the throne. He initially lent his support to Viserys Xarxes Von Valarys, but switched to Nuhu Xon Dovos, and finally to Maximillian Dace. Ultimately, he lost to Iskander Redbeard.

Iskander believes that Jaquen and Orvik Stonebow worked together to take the throne. After an attack on Iskander's wife Talisa by Carta members (Iskander suspected Jaquen as being responsible, as Jaquen had probably blackmailed Talisa's father Lordan) Iskander sentenced Jaquen to imprisonment. To the shock of the other clan leaders, Jaquen is serving his sentence in the Dreadhold, which is normally reserved for demonic creatures, mages or prisoners who would escape conventional cells. Some have campaigned to have Hammerfist released, not least his sister Astrid (although his brother Hakon is content as acting clan leader in Jaquen's stead).