Jazid in his human form

Jazid is a mind flayer currently residing in Eriabourne. He harbours a bitter hatred for the rest of his kin and is working with the Bloodsworn mercenary company to eliminate them.

History and Personality Edit

Jazid's past is unknown to the party, but his tentacles have been cut off forcibly, which could have something to do with his resentment of his kind. He assumes the form of a human almost all of the time, unwilling to risk being attacked or arrested. Jazid seems to be highly intelligent and shows surprising compassion for a mind flayer, apparently eating only animal brains which he must cut up first.

Skills and Powers Edit

Although Jazid has no tentacles, his psionic powers are unchanged and he is a talented combatant. More dangerous is his skill at planning and the lengths he will go to in achieving his goals. However, since the party has never seen him fight, his prowess in battle can only be guessed at.

In the Campaign Edit

Jazid first spoke to the party at Laisha's feast in Rosewood Hall. He informed them that the mind flayer they had encountered in Lyrian Caverns was one of five who had extensive plans for Eriabourne, and he told them about a meeting taking place between Nash the dwarf and Vardis Vaden the pirate concerning a shipment of starglass for another of these mind flayers. He has promised a monetary reward for the head of each mind flayer, as well as his eternal gratitude.

He later visited them all at the Bloodsworn headquarters of Widow's Watch.

Targets Edit

The following is a list of each of Jazid's mind flayer targets.

  • Shulk - A mind flayer who formerly occupied the Lyrian Caverns, who had been trying to control Grumbleduff and the miners.
  • Squidface - A mind flayer pirate who previously employed Vardis Vaden. Squidface's nautiloid, the Drowned Dragon, is one of the most feared vessels on the Silver Sea.
  • Oobastis - A mind flayer infiltrator who Jazid believes may have dug into Eriabourne's administration.
  • Geth - A mind flayer fighter, famed for his strength and abilities in battle. His whereabouts are unknown.
  • Dulshoon - The leader of the mind flayers. Jazid knows that he was to be found in the Underdark city of Umbrahal, but his current location is a mystery. Dulshoon's magical powers are said to border on the legendary.