Jazrick the Cleric

Jazrick was a half orc half demon cleric in service to the Horde. It is suggested that it was he who reanimated dead bodies as gravewalkers for the first time.


Jazrick was originally a cultist of Graz'zt in Bruanon, serving the demon prince by sacrificing virgins and children. He went unnoticed for many years until whole clans of barbarians began hunting him through the mountains. He lost his pursuers somewhere in the Valley of the Wyrm and fled to Scarfell where he encountered Vandred. The cambion told him that in order to serve the Horde he must increase their armies, and Jazrick travelled deep underground to the ancient burial grounds of the first Horde. He began to reanimate the corpses of the dead soldiers from his base in the Hollow Halls.

In the CampaignEdit

After fighting their way through the Hollow Halls, the party tackled a Giant Stingworm, a subterranean predator of great strength. After the beast was killed, they stormed Jazrick's quarters, and after a brutal fight the cleric was killed. Despite Jazrick's low rank, he was a proficient fighter who helped greatly in restoring the Horde's size.