Jerold Dace

Jerold Dace Near his Hometown of Stormshield

Jerold Dace is a dwarven inventor and craftsman from Dura. He has gained a status of fame from his hand in the invention of the dwarven firearm and his modifications to the duergar Doom Bolter.


Jerold was born the younger son in an extremely wealthy dwarven house. When his older brother Maximillian went off to train in the arts of war, Jerold was left behind to bring honour to the clan in other ways. He joined a group of dungeoneers for a time, but withdrew within a few years. He did take the duergar repeating crossbow's design and modified it so that it would not break down as much and would have less friction in motion. When the new design was shown to the Duran high council, they were deeply impressed, and Jerold was immediately inducted into the Duran Academy of Industry and War, where he flourished as an inventor, modifying several dwarven explosives to increase the blast radius or introduce shrapnel as a weapon. His most notable achievement, however, was that he was the leader of the team which created the first Duran firearm. The gun has since been sold abroad by the adventurer Hanu. Today, Jerold sits upon the Duran small council as Master of Industry.


Jerold has one brother, Maximillian, who is the general of Dura's largest army. Like Maximillian, Jerold has a fondness for large cigars imported from the Bonecleaver Islands.