Kasha the Mad

Kasha "the Mad," is an alienist wizard formerly in service to the Horde.


Kasha's ramblings indicate that he used to belong to an organised mage order before he stole a rare book from his master. Reading the book led Kasha to investigate strange and dangerous methods of reversing death, or creating portals to nonexistent planes, or creating matter out of nothing. When his master found out what the younger wizard had done, Kasha was banished, and he fled north to Scarfell. He found what he thought was a suitable empty cave for his experiment when he was visited by a terrifying demonic figure, who after a number of questions allowed him to stay on the condition he work for the Horde.

In the CampaignEdit

The party fought their way through the Gates of Madness until they reached Kasha's cave, but they found him hiding behind some barrels and reluctant to fight out of fear. He convinced them to take part in a ritual; he cast a spell, and then the party could kill him, and thus open part of the portal, but he would be fully recovered three days later. Whether or not this worked is unclear, but they certainly killed him. Iskander offered him a position as court mage of Dura should he return.