Kathuntak, warrior and master of ambush

Kathuntak was a talented hobgoblin warrior and member of the Sharhaven Conspiracy.

History and PersonalityEdit

Little is known of Kathuntak's past, though it is believed he was born in Tivelis and travelled west as a sellsword. He spoke very little, preferring use of the sword to his wits, though it was noted that since joining the Sharhaven Conspiracy he had adopted a degree of conviction in the cause.

In the CampaignEdit

Kathuntak was the leader of the group who attacked Bardas' caravan. After engaging in a fight with Viserys and losing, the elf proceeded to tie up and interrogate the hobgoblin using methods of questionable integrity. Kathuntak remained silent, however, until the moment that the elven wizard cut his head from his shoulders.

He was discovered to be carrying a letter from someone named Haron Dusk.