Davram Despard, the King of Altea

Davram Despard is the ruling king of the nation of Altea. He is known for his wisdom, his cunning, and his keen mind for politics.

History and PersonalityEdit

Davram was born into a life of wealth as a prince to his father Tyram, and from a very young age was taught the machinations and inner workings of court life. He showed a natural aptitude for negotiations, especially those involving subterfuge and diplomacy, if not so much for military prowess. When Tyram died of a weak heart, Davram succeeded him at the young age of seventeen, and since then has ruled the country efficiently and gained prestige and popularity abroad. His notable achievements have been securing trade deals with Orkay, Cramen and Anvar as well as granting the paladins of Pelor the right to establish the Grey Crusade. Davram is courteous, brisk and sly, and it is suspected that he has in his government's employ a highly skilled guild of assassins, though this is thus far unproven.

In the CampaignEdit

Davram Despard raised Hanu Alessandri to the position of nobility, granted him an estate and the jurisdiction of the province of Aravel. He seems to have a close relationship with the adventurer, but how far this connection goes is as of yet unknown. It is even whispered that Lord Alessandri and the king have never been seen at the same place at the same time.

Recently, King Davram engaged in negotiations with a foreign dignitary by the name of Duncan, although the talks collapsed into conflict. Both Davram and Duncan survived.


Davram has two sons, named Triam and Mikael.