King Skullsplitter in Combat

King Skullsplitter was an orcish king who had led his tribe into the Shatterstone Caverns in Dura where they ruled as the dominant monsters. He was a typical orcish warlord; brutish, dim and extremely strong.


Skullsplitter was born into a nomadic orc tribe, always on the run from humans or other orcs, and when he came of age his tribe was all but destroyed. It would be plausible to claim he brought them back from the brink when he assumed leadership, but he did not so much restore them as postpone their destruction. He led the orcs into a nearby cave system and immediately established himself as top hog. He was brutal, vengeful and ruled through fear, as befitting an orc of his station. He had a throne made from the skulls of those he defeated and placed it into his throne room in Shatterstone as a grim piece of furniture.

In the CampaignEdit

By the time the Hanu, Viserys and Iskander had fought their way to Skullsplitter's court, he had begun to respect them as enemies. He challenged Iskander the dwarf due to a single combat to decide who might keep the treasure of the ruined city, and after a short and bloody combat, Skullsplitter was defeated. His orcish warriors then left without a fight, though their fate is as of yet unclear.


Apparently, the name Skullsplitter stuck, and a new orcish king from the same tribe appointed himself Skullsplitter II and is currently terrorising the Bruanese countryside.