Nobleman with letter

Lord Kogan Darkbow of Darthing Ford

Kogan Darkbow was the lord of Darthing Ford for sixteen years during the reign of Corvan IV and briefly during the reign of Sargon II. He is remembered for his wisdom, his reclusive nature and his love of books.

History and PersonalityEdit

Kogan was born the son of Garim Darkbow, also known as Garim Trollsbane, and looking back through his family tree are many more great warriors and heroes. Kogan was always more interested in his books and studies, even as a child, and when his father was killed during a fight with the giants to the north, many were sceptical of his abilities as a leader. However, he won the respect of his people with his wise decisions, his kindness and his reforms to taxation (of which the legality was questionable). He became a well-loved figure by the people, although he remained reclusive, and the noblemen all spoke highly of him. In manner he was polite, well-meaning and intelligent.

In the CampaignEdit

The party spoke to Kogan first after arriving in Darthing Ford, and he gave them his personal seal so the people would know they were acting on his behalf. Although the investigations were successful, Kogan was assassinated by a number of seekers in his quarters. How they got in, and what their motive was in this particular death, is unclear.


Kogan was succeeded as lord by his son, Bruan Darkbow.