Kord Al-Khan

Al-Khan in the Wastes of Scarfell

Kord Al-Khan is a hobgoblin mercenary and warlord from Tivelis. His skill in combat is said to be peerless.

History and PersonalityEdit

Kord's past is unknown to the party, though since he is from Tivelis, it can be assumed that he was once one of the many warlords vying for control of the country. He has since travelled west to the Imperial Heartlands with an entire host of hobgoblin warriors under his command. Kord does not speak much, and despises those who waste his time. He is extremely large for a hobgoblin, which he uses to his advantage when intimidating his enemies. His motives beyond personal gain are unclear.

In th CampaignEdit

Kord was the leader of the hobgoblins who took control of Hanley's Anvarian lumber mill. What the reason for this was is unclear, however.

Kord later appeared as one of the unattatched mercenaries fighting with the Legion of the North in Scarfell. He led many men into the field of battle, and cut great swathes through the the Horde's ranks. Reputedly, Kord battled four slayers singlehandedly, killing them without sustaining a single wound. Since the death of Mah'lok, Kord has not been seen or heard from.