Krogan the Berserker

Krogan is a dwarven adventurer from the Grey Marches, though it is likely he is descended from a family in Eriabourne. He is very strong and wields a large axe.

History and PersonalityEdit

Krogan was born into a life of poverty in Husk, as he was clanless and with no mining rights. He trained relentlessly in the militia, but was refused a place in the guard due to his unstable temperament. Embittered by this failure, Krogan became a bandit on the Iron Road, which soon earned him a place within the jail of Husk. On his release, he immediately departed the region and travelled to Highmoon, offering his skills as a mercenary. This offer was accepted by the halfling tomb raider Tibus, and Krogan found himself fighting alongside two strangers; the hedge wizard Eredain and the exiled elven noble Anistaer.

In the CampaignEdit

Krogan eagerly accepted the offer of a duel with the adventurer Daevis in a Highmoon tavern, but this was cut short when Tibus interfered by attacking Daevis. Anistaer reluctantly got involved, and he and Tibus were knocked unconscious. Krogan, recognising his impending defeat, conceded the duel to Daevis, and promptly left the tavern.