Elven Inquisitor Lathian

Lathian is an elven Inquisitor from Ravain, tasked with keeping the elven nobility in line. He is also a talented spellsword and led a battalion of elven mages to war in Scarfell.

History and PersonalityEdit

Lathian was born from a pure blood line of elven noblility, and naturally he received the finest education concerning the magical forces, the natural world, and ancient histories. Upon his hundredth birthday he was taught the arts of war, and by the time he was two hundred he had achieved fame and reknown as a diplomat and general. He was appointed Inquisitor when his predecessor disappeared in Selvan months previously. Lathian proved himself more than equal to the task, and using his keen mind and lawful disposition, he serves as Inquisitor to this day. In manner he is extremely stern, yet there is no cruelty in him, only a deep rooted love for the law. He is cautious, intelligent, and remains a loyal servant of Ravain.

Skills and PowersEdit

Lathian wears a suit of enchanted elven chain into battle and bears a highly stylised scimitar, but he prefers to fight using offensive spells. He possesses a sharp intellect, quick reflexes and a talent for swordcraft as well as boasting considerable spellcasting abilities. In his role as Inquisitor, however, it is usually his diplomatic talent which he uses to keep the nobles in check.

In the CampaignEdit

Lathian first encountered the party in Anvar as he was seeking Viserys due to his assumed lordship. However, Shavram of Orkay convinced the party to flee to Orkay and thus escape Lathian's reach. By the time Viserys returned to Ravain he had created legitimate lordship documents using the aid of Raven the mercenary and Siridan the elven noble.

Later, Lathian could be found leading a battalion of elves against the Horde in Scarfell, wherein he earned respect internationally as a skilled leader of men. He has stayed with the gathered armies since then.

He was forced to write a letter to Viserys concerning the discovery of a gold mine on his lands, which he found distasteful as he dislikes the younger wizard. He maintains good relations with Iskander and is decidedly neutral to Hanu.